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2018 fortune and fortune of the snake Bu Yiju Zhouyi zodiac numerology, carefully deduced and analyzed, Bu Yiju has released the zodiac fortune for more than ten years, and is deeply trusted by friends. I hope that you will provide useful help for your New Year plans and fortune analysis.

1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013.

People born in the Year of the Snake are very helpful this year, because they have noble stars to help them, so they get promoted by their elders; and this year they are in the peach blossom position, so they get help from the opposite sex; In the end, the seller counter-prices, and the business bidding reaches the last step and the business cannot be obtained. So don't take everything for granted, and do everything by yourself to achieve success. Right and wrong this year, pay more attention to your words and deeds.

In terms of love fortune, Snake people, regardless of gender, will have good luck this year, so those who already have a partner are expected to get married this year, those who have not found a partner this year, and those who want to get married may wish to take the initiative this year.

The auspicious star has "Ziwei" this year, which means that the nobles have strong luck and are promoted by superiors or elders; "Hongluan", which means strong luck in love and popularity. The inauspicious stars include "Heaven's Evil" and "Sudden Defeat", which represent unsuccessful plans; "Heavenly Official Talisman", right and wrong will increase this year, so you have to handle it carefully. "Reaper" influence.

Snake's 2018 fortune and fortune, if you are an investor, you should bear with it this year, you can buy a property and live in it yourself. This year's wealth fortune changes, whether it is a basic salary or a commission income, this year's wealth fortune. So rush or expand your career. Business people may wish to place a Zengqingtang copper cornucopia in the shop or office to bring wealth in the New Year.

Work luck does not change much, it may be the same from the beginning to the end of the year, so you don't have to worry too much about whether you will stay in your career this year; but on the other hand, because of your past, you have expectations for a promotion this year. For problems with work and colleagues, people who belong to the snake can place a Zengqingtang magpie gold card ornament in the southeast of their home or on the left hand side of their desk this year.

In terms of relationships, this year will be a bumper year. No matter you find a partner, you will have a chance to get married or give birth this year. You should grasp this year's fortune and improve your emotional luck as soon as possible; if you don't have a partner, you should take the initiative this year and find out who you belong to as soon as possible; if you have a partner, you should seize the opportunity to propose marriage this year; If you want to increase your love luck in 2018, you can get a 【Ice Crystal Black Fox Zengqing Pendant】to wear or put in your bag, which can dispel evil spirits and prevent villains.

Affected by the "Heavenly Official Talisman" this year, there will be a lot of personal right and wrong, so be careful with your words and deeds, because your every move this year will be noticed by others. Impossible. People who belong to the snake should pay attention to driving this year to avoid the intrusion of villains caused by touching porcelain and scratching traffic accidents. It is recommended to hang a [Zengqingtang Wealth Beast Zengqing Pendant] on your car, which will bring good luck for wealth, and can dispel evil spirits and destroy children. people.

There will be no major problems this year. You need to pay attention to minor illnesses such as colds or influenza, eat carefully, and dress carefully in the weather. Snake people can wear [Snake Guardian God Zengqing Bracelet] this year to resolve the snake's 2018 fortune and the right and wrong disasters in the fortune, and promote, protect the body and keep safe, which is of great benefit.

What mascot does the snake bring this year? If you want to improve your luck in 2018 and get rid of disasters, you can wear Zengqingtang Magpie Climbing Plum Obsidian Pendant. [Magpie Climbing Plum] has a pattern of an auspicious magpie singing on a branch of plum blossom. The magpie is a symbol of "auspiciousness". It is said in ancient books that "the magpie is a sign of happiness", that is, the magpie announces good news and auspicious signs, implying that new year's happy events are coming and all wishes will come true.

Zodiac culture, birds belong to the genus of chickens, and in numerology, snakes, roosters and oxes are in a triad, so magpies are the mascots of the nobles in the triad of snakes, implying the support of the nobles in the year of the snake and dog, boosting fortune, popularity, and work. Plum blossom is a symbol of auspiciousness. The five petals of the plum blossom represent the auspiciousness of the five blessings, namely Fu, Lu, Shou, Jubilee, and Wealth. The magpie ascends the plum tip, which is a homonym for "happy brow tip", implying that people who belong to the snake will be happy in 2018 and the five blessings will come to them.

If you wear the Zengqing Bracelet, the patron saint of the snake, you will be blessed and protected by the natal Buddha of the zodiac and the six-character mantra, and the effect will be even better. The mascot is made of rainbow obsidian, which has the effect of warding off evil spirits. Experts from Bu Yiju Zhouyi combined with the fortune and fortune of the snake in 2018 are carefully designed and carved. Please look for Zengqingtang when purchasing. It will not help good luck, and will bring bad luck to pirated villains. Beware of Lianyungang fakes! For those who drive a dog, hang a [Zengqing Tang Wealth Beast Zengqing Pendant] on your car, which will bring good luck for wealth, dispel evil spirits and destroy villains, and escort traffic safety throughout 2018.

Snake people born in 53 years have no problems in their fortunes in 2018. They are small troubles. The descendants of your family will have some problems. Seek help and mediate within your own limits. Don’t intervene too much. You will get into a lot of trouble, so if you can't solve these problems, don't try your best, but let the younger generation solve them by themselves. You have had some bruises and sprains this year, so you have to be more careful when you go out, not to be reckless, to have trauma, and not to settle things calmly.

Snake people born in 65 years have a sluggish fortune in 2018. You are very susceptible to external influences, which makes you feel happy in front of your family and friends. This will affect the people around you and make you feel worried, so you should adjust in time With your own mentality, you can go out and observe the scenery more often, and you will find many things. If you have any problems, you can talk to your friends around you in time, and let them help you solve your problems. Don’t press yourself down, try to let go of yourself. It won't worry your family.

Snake people born in 1977, the career fortune in 2018 is that you will encounter opportunities in the year above your career, and you may change jobs. If you are satisfied with your career now, you can try another career this year. The career fortune is overwhelming. If you choose you to work, you can show your ambitions and give full play to your talents, which will impress the people around you. In terms of relationship, you treat your partner carefully this year. You will quarrel over some trivial matters, but don't worry too much, it can pass.

Snake people born in 1989, you need to pay attention to your interpersonal relationship in 2018. You have been instigated by villains this year, which has caused the interpersonal relationship between you and your colleagues and friends to deteriorate. You will feel that there are fewer and fewer friends around you, so problems in interpersonal relationships will affect you. You need to solve the misunderstanding between you and your friends and colleagues in time, let them feel you, and don't let villains take advantage of it.

Snake people born in 2001 will have a relatively smooth fortune in 2018. You will have cognitive and creative abilities in your studies, and you will be loved by elders and teachers. You have been studying for a year, so you must take time to study hard. This year, your fortune is that you will be sick, but it is not very sick, even if it will make your elders worry, so you should pay more attention to your physical condition, pay more attention to the air condition around you, and learn to prevent diseases in advance.

Snake 2018 fortune and fortune in the first month, you will encounter some small troubles at work this month, you don’t care and want to rely on yourself to solve them, but I suggest you listen to the opinions of colleagues around you and accept their help. You are the seniors of the company, If you are stubborn, it will have some impact on your future work.

Snake people are not lucky in wealth this month, and there are signs of bankruptcy, so you should not make some fluctuating investments this month. If you want to make losses within the range that you can accept, even if there is a loss, it will not have any impact on you. If someone is in charge of your loan, don't agree to it. If you agree to the loan, you must save it.

Snake people will encounter some problems in their careers this month, which will greatly affect your mood and cause your enthusiasm for work to decline and feel that you are capable. Don’t deny yourself like this. When you encounter difficulties, you need to face them and solve them instead of blindly being negative. , Overcome the immediate difficulties, and your future career fortunes will rise in a straight line.

Snake people with the zodiac sign will be blessed with two auspicious stars [Ziwei] and [Longde] in the year of 1898, and their fortunes will be positive. [Ziwei] is the head of the stars, which indicates that this year there will be an opportunity to be in charge of power, and can lead subordinates to create a new situation. [Longde] means prestige, and can get help from noble people. Under the influence of these two stars, you can turn bad luck into good luck in your career ,Grand plans. However, in the Year of the Dog, you still need to pay attention not to express yourself too much in the process of teamwork, but to have people around you, because success in career cannot be achieved by yourself. This year, most of the nobles come from the company's top management, government departments and other industry people. They are expected to benefit from company policies and even government policies. It is recommended to pay more attention to their own interests and implement relevant policies on weekdays. Affected by the [Violent Defeat] star, when encountering unexpected disasters and lawsuits, usually do not do illegal and chaotic affairs because of greed for petty gains, and do not speculate, whether it is stocks, lottery tickets or real estate purchases, you really want to try to invest a lot of money. to avoid heavy losses. 【Heavenly Fiend】star enters the fate, which means conflicts with others, and this star is not conducive to husbands and fathers, which means that there will be conflicts among men in the family this year. It is recommended to pay attention to the way of expression and express your inner thoughts. Do not allow family members to confront each other, so as not to intensify conflicts. In terms of relationship, the husbands of snake women will have many conflicts this year. If you want to improve the relationship between husband and wife, you can try to travel, which will help enhance the relationship between husband and wife. Under the guidance of the [Longde] star, single snake people can meet their soul mates, and after getting to know each other, they are expected to start a relationship smoothly. 【Sudden defeat】Affected, you will be tortured by minor illnesses and pains. You should formulate a reasonable work and rest schedule in advance, develop regular eating and sleeping habits, and strengthen your resistance to resist the invasion of illness.

Affected by the inauspicious star of 【暴货】, Snake people will be in a dilemma in terms of financial fortune this year. Flying misfortunes lead to a lot of financial loss, so you need to be cautious in dealing with people and money. To earn an ideal income, many snake people will make changes in their work this year, such as giving up their original jobs and starting their own businesses. You need to beware of a sudden financial crisis this year, so unless investors take the initiative to offer you an olive branch, or if you are sure, you can Try to enter the business world and fight hard. Investors should pay attention to the scope and amount of investment, so as not to shrink their assets, they can try to buy some items that can appreciate or preserve value. In addition, this year, remember not to violate the law, not to quarrel or even fight, because [violent defeat] means that you are easy to offend officials, and you must beware of prison. Business people and self-employed individuals should reserve some funds in advance, and should not invest all their savings in commodity purchases to prevent turnover. There is [Ziwei] fortune, but the process of earning money is steady and steady. 【Longde】On behalf of noble people, this year's job nature and people dealing with people will have relatively smooth financial luck, for example, people who are engaged in sales, insurance, and service industries will have income. Snake people want to improve their wealth and career fortune this year, so you can put a [Yimingju Three Toad Blessing] glass ornament on the bedside table at home, in the southeast of the bedroom, or on the left hand side of the desk to urge the eight-white fortune star to drive the smooth flow of wealth and make the dog happy. Years of windfall hands, the career is striving to make progress, and the nobles will help.

Snake people are supported by [Ziwei] stars in their careers this year. They are very popular, and they can work with their surroundings and work hard in the same direction. However, although you are able to convince others at this time, you will be paranoid about certain issues and will not listen to others. Opinions, combined with sometimes high-mindedness, can cause projects to fail. Remember that it is advisable to be self-willed. You should listen to the suggestions of others, tolerate and absorb the views of all parties, and let everyone around you strive for your goals. [Longde] means success through hard work and the luck of noble people. If you can work hard this year, with the help of noble people, you can resolve difficult problems and your career will reach its peak. Because the career is going well, snake people should pay attention to keeping a low profile, otherwise the villain will be jealous, and the other party may take the opportunity to suppress, which will affect the income and performance. Whether you encounter difficulties in life or work this year, if you can't solve it by yourself, remember to seek help from friends and elders around you, and you will see another village. When encountering work in the Year of the Dog, you will have the idea of ​​switching jobs, but this year is suitable for changes. Compared with quitting and resigning, you should make changes in your original job, otherwise you will blindly seek the environment and lead to failure.

Snake people this year [Red Luan] star moves, singles will have good luck, but rotten peach blossoms will cause a lot, the relationship is basically easy to reunite, stabilize, and there is a possibility of losing money in the process of dating. When a woman is caught in a love triangle, she must have a clear attitude towards her relationship and not be with many people. 【Longde】Represents noble people, can bring harmonious interpersonal relationships, have many opportunities to meet other people, and may find ideal objects. Be careful when facing the person you like, don't feel self-conscious, act too impulsively, and confess without the other person's heart, otherwise you will kill the good opportunity. You should start with a friend and test the other person's heart to decide whether to make the relationship between the two go further. Snake people in love should remember to maintain concentration this year, don't step on two boats, and at the same time, pay attention to restraining your temper so as not to provoke conflicts. [Heavenly Shame] The birth of a star means conflicts with others, female husbands quarrel, and those with a snake partner will attend more dinners this year. Remember to drink in moderation and stay away from the temptation of the opposite sex, so as not to cause emotional conflicts between husband and wife and affect the family. Couples who have many disputes in their relationship can choose to travel to resolve conflicts.

Whether you are single or have a partner who belongs to the snake, you can bring a [Yimingju Miaoyin Bird Gourd Pendant] with you this year as an emotional amulet to urge marriage and love. Singles can use the pendant to urge the Peach Blossom Star, and the relationship with the opposite sex will be strengthened, and you will meet your good match as soon as possible. ;Some people who belong to the snake can use the power of the pendant to promote emotional harmony and tranquility, eliminate negative energy marriage and emotional damage, and crack rotten peach blossoms.

In the Year of the Dog, there are many social gatherings with friends, late return, and excessive alcohol and tobacco at the dinner party, and a greasy diet. This kind of diet and work and rest time will affect you. Lack of sleep will lead to inability to concentrate on work. Too greasy diet will cause Gastrointestinal and even blood pressure problems. You should reduce the number of dinners you attend, avoid social engagements, and stay at home with your family more. Affected by the "violent defeat" this year, the risk has increased, there will be bloody disasters, pay attention to safety when going out, pay attention to traffic safety, do not cross the road, self-driving drivers are not allowed to drive in the wrong direction, run red lights, speed or change lanes by seizing lanes, and pay attention to protection when going out For the head and face, you can hang a string of [Yimingju Jiangwu Wealthy Beast Car Hanging] on the car this year to ward off evil spirits and eliminate evil spirits. . In addition, the [violent defeat] evil star will bring snake people home luck, and they will be harmed. The elders in the family often have problems, so pay more attention to the physical condition of the elders. But with [Longde] auspicious star, everything can be turned into safety without causing any harm. It is recommended that you go for a physical examination after the Spring Festival or donate blood for a blood test.

Snake people can put a pair of [Yimingju Golden Wings Presenting Beads] glass ornaments this year as a lucky mascot for the Year of the Dog; the golden-winged sunbird is the incarnation of the sun, stretching its beak and claws, with burning fireworks on its head, and its eyes are sun and moon Flickering, like a sword dancing in the air; Garuda standing on a cornucopia full of jewels, bringing infinite red yang energy, rejuvenating, restraining evil spirits, and bringing wealth and well-being. Under the protection of Garuda, the snake people can greatly reduce resistance, solve problems, and avoid risks in life and work; at the same time, they can strengthen confidence, inspire wisdom, and eliminate troubles in their hearts. At the same time, wearing a [Yimingju Golden Winged Beads] obsidian pendant is more effective as a good luck amulet; carrying a string of [Yimingju Babaosi Bracelet] can enhance the effect of good luck and evil spirits.

Snake people born in the year of Guisi in 1953, the heavenly stems and Guishui are restrained by the Taisui Wutu, and their overall fortune this year. Wealth luck varies from time to time, so avoid blindly pursuing income investment, improve your financial management ability, be diligent and thrifty, and keep your duty. This year, you will be troubled by right and wrong, framed by villains, and serious cases will be involved in lawsuits. It is recommended to speak up and do more. In terms of family, children's relationship, and decision-making, they don't get their support and understanding. This affects the body and mind of Guisi snake people, temper, nerves, and these bad emotions may cause high blood pressure and depression. Treating the symptoms requires a root cause. It is recommended to relax yourself and communicate with multiple family members at the same time to let them understand themselves.

Snake people born in the year of Yisi in 1965 will have an unfavorable overall fortune this year. There will be financial loopholes, if not dealt with in time, there is a possibility of losing a lot of money. When a large amount of money is involved, it is necessary to think or discuss with partners to make a decision to avoid unnecessary property disputes. In dealing with people and dealing with things, you must be tolerant and tolerant. You should not be complacent or arrogant just because you have achieved a little achievement, and you cannot accept other people's opinions and criticisms with an open mind. People make people. First, eat food, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber food, avoid eating expired food, so as not to damage the stomach.

Snake people born in the year of Dingsi in 1977 and entering 2018 will have heavenly stems, Dinghuo, Taisui, Wushou and earth, their fortune will be positively promoted, and their work and life will improve throughout the year. Emotionally, you can be with each other, and the other party has enough time and space, and your life is perfect. Even if there are differences, friction can always be eliminated. The overall career luck can be promoted by leaders, and it is recommended to spend money to invest in contacts. This year's children's tuition and living expenses, saving money is a matter. In terms of life, you need to combine work and rest, know how to work slaves, and exercise. In addition, you need a diet, a scientific diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, and learn to enjoy life.

People born in the year of the snake in 1989 will be favored by the goddess this year. He is always enthusiastic at work, and can always solve problems independently, which is loved and appreciated by superiors. If the villain is framed or misunderstood by others, you need to stand on your own, believe in the clear, and prove yourself with hard work and achievements. There is no battlefield in the workplace. When communicating with colleagues, you need to pay attention to your words and deeds at all times. Emotionally, you need to care more about your lover and know how to create harmony, and single snakes are expected to find themselves this year. In terms of sleep, you need to pay attention to sleep, don't stay up late, and pay attention to safety when going out.

【Running, the sea of ​​love is turbulent】 Entering the first month of the Year of the Dog, friends who belong to the snake are running around, family and children, a little bit burnt out. Beware of the turmoil in love this month. Married people should pay more attention to their partner's mood, not be too self-friendly, discuss and coordinate more when things happen, and avoid going their own way. The relationship of singles is short-lived, but maintain it. February Horoscope for Snake People

[Plan the future, adjust yourself] This month's fortune, you can start planning the future, but there are some certain factors that will make friends who belong to the snake hesitant. This month, you can strive for more rest, recharge your batteries, and ease your emotions. Friends who belong to the rooster or monkey can seek help, which will help to dispel doubts and see themselves clearly. March Horoscope for Snake People

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【Performance, guard against arrogance and impetuosity】Snake friends will devote themselves to work this month, and their performance is impressive. This month, you should seize the opportunity to seek career development, and communicate with many people, which is beneficial to yourself. At the same time, we must guard against arrogance and impetuosity. When dealing with things, we must be arrogant and arouse the disgust of others. Pay attention to driving safety, drive. April Horoscope for Snake People

[Good news comes out, people cooperate] There is good news coming out this month, career development is showing initial results, wealth, interpersonal communication is active, relationship is smooth, unmarried people are expected to move forward. It is suggested that you can take advantage of this month's opportunity to strengthen the cooperation of those with strength, and to reward yourself alone, otherwise all previous efforts will be wasted. May Horoscope for Snake People

【Career Peak, Stress】 After a month of hard work, those who belong to the snake will go all out to reach a small peak in their careers. Although they have gained a lot, they are under physical and mental pressure. You need to learn to decompress and relieve nervous tension, so as not to cause mental illness due to excessive stress. When encountering difficulties, don't get into the horns, but ask others to help. June Horoscope for Snake People

In recent years, snake people belong to the year of good fortune. In 2018, snake people can continue to forge ahead. They should work hard in career, marriage, love, and study.

Snake people are blessed by auspicious stars in the year of the dog, but in the year of the rooster, they will be discouraged. The fortune of the snake-man-dog has changed, but it is expected to win amidst the changes.

The career fortune of snake people this year is still, seize the opportunity at the beginning of the year, lay the foundation for development in a year, and there will be development from the starting point. I mentioned above that when I start my own business, I started to operate the relationship at the beginning of the year, otherwise I act impulsively, and I will be in a hurry in the summer. Robbery brings shortcomings, blindness, self-defense, and it is very easy to be proud and complacent, so you should be cautious when doing things in daily life, and you should not be arrogant and cause others to be jealous.

Snake people have some ups and downs in terms of wealth this year, but although the star of wealth, the original god of wealth, food injury, starting a side business by themselves, will have income. It should be noted that the annual profit is positive and the career is right, speculate and gamble, and do not trust others too much.

Snake people in the Chinese zodiac enter the 2018 Year of the Dog, good and bad coexist, and the overall fortune is at the upper-middle level. In terms of auspicious luck, due to the three auspicious stars of "Ziwei", "Longde" and "Hongluan" coming to the palace of fate, people who belong to the snake will be more active in doing things, and their management decision-making ability and learning ability will be enhanced.

"Ziwei" and "Longde" are noble stars, and there are two noble people to guide and pave the way. Snake people can avoid detours this year. Entrepreneurs will succeed in their careers, and migrant workers will have more opportunities to show their talents and abilities. "Ziwei" represents Kejia fame, which means that people born in the year of the snake will learn their luck this year, which is good for further study and self-added value. If you have the conditions, you may wish to go abroad for further study, and you can enroll in business-related training courses, which will add weight to your future career advancement.

The entry of the peach blossom star "Red Luan" into the palace will make people born in the year of the snake year have a good time in social life. Singles will have a chance to get a good relationship, those who have a partner will get married, and those who are in love will get affection. All in all, there will be happy events for snake people this year. Just pay attention, "Red Luan" brings the relationship of the opposite sex and may bring peach blossoms outside the wall. Married people need to beware of third parties intervening in the marriage.

In terms of luck, due to the intervention of the "violent defeat" star, even if you have made some gains in your career, you should not take it lightly. There is a sudden failure intention in a violent defeat, and you will fall short because of mistakes in your work. , otherwise the backlog of problems will cause consequences.

"Tian'e", "Gu Chen" and "Heaven's Cry" mainly affect the fortune. With the blessing of the three inauspicious stars, the physical condition of snake people will be impacted. "Death talisman" refers to accidents. This year, you need to be careful of falling from stairs or trees, traffic, and water hazards. "Guchen" and "Heavenly Cry" refer to mental illness. "Guchen" represents the desire to be lonely and self-appreciative, doing things in one's own way, being sentimental, and feeling depressed. Snake people need to take the initiative to communicate with others this year and pour out their thoughts to prevent depression and illness.

In 2018, snake people of the zodiac will get the star arch photos of "Longde" and "Ziwei", and they can get advice from relatives and friends or provide reliable investment information, so as to gain income. There are many ways to make money, and under the guidance of noble stars, your career will rise step by step, and your income will rise with the tide. Salary workers can show that they have received salary increases or rewards, and as bosses, Snake people can also improve their performance and drive income, and their careers present a prosperous scene.

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In terms of wealth, due to the "violent defeat" star in the fleeting years, you will lose your wealth and vent your wealth, high-risk investments, people who belong to the snake need to make investments, don't trust gossip, don't blindly trust strangers' investment advice, and believe that there is no free lunch in the world. The star of "violent defeat" sits in the Palace of Fate. Snake people take good care of their belongings, and remember to expose their money when they go out to avoid being coveted by thieves.

Snake people have good fortune and worry about wealth this year. For joy, they will benefit from the "Longde" and "Ziwei" stars, and for worry, they will be disturbed by the inauspicious star "Sudden Defeat". Therefore, money is not good and should be planned reasonably. If people who belong to the snake want to resolve the loss of money caused by "violent defeat", they may wish to do more good deeds, and doing good deeds can resolve the disaster of financial bankruptcy.

This year, there will be auspicious stars "Longde" and "Ziwei" in the career, and the snake people will usher in a year of development. The influence of these two auspicious stars can bring noble luck to Snake people. With the help of noble people in the career, you can save worry and effort, and achieve twice the result with half the effort. If you encounter difficulties at work, you can turn the bad luck into good luck with the help of auspicious stars.

"Longde" and "Ziwei" are according to their fate. This year, their spirits are surging, and they are very suitable for creative work. If you are engaged in advertising, music, art, drama, writing and artistic creation, you only need to devote yourself to your job. At work, you can create more satisfactory works, which will bring about an increase in your job reputation.

This year is suitable for taking exams and changing jobs. Those who are snakes who intend to participate in the civil servants, public institutions, judiciary, and teacher exams will be able to pass the exams. If you work harder, your chances will double. Migrant workers have the opportunity to be reused by their superiors, gain a development platform, and salary increases and promotions are just around the corner. Business people have interpersonal relationships this year, which is conducive to expanding their careers. If they can make full use of their connections, they can bring a steady stream of cooperation opportunities for business. Entrepreneurs, although entrepreneurial luck, but do a thorough investigation and preparation work before starting a business, otherwise they will fall into a passive situation.

Although the career fortune is favored by auspicious stars, people who belong to the snake must not ignore the destruction of inauspicious stars. This year's career is affected by the "death talisman". This star is the quintessential age of the old age. When you meet this star, disputes between right and wrong, official disasters and prison disasters will arise. Therefore, people who belong to the snake should be careful in the workplace to avoid grudges and cooperation. Do not be negligent, so as not to cause contract disputes. The "death talisman" is fierce, and it is resolved by "Longde", which reduces the impact on the snake people. Even so, the snake people should keep in mind the principle of "be careful to sail for ten thousand years".

In terms of love, although the "Guchen" star flies into the marriage palace of the snake people this year, and the "Red Luan" enters the fate, this star is good for interpersonal communication, marriage, and attracts love. 2018 is the year of the peach blossom for snake people.

Single people who belong to the snake have many opportunities to meet the opposite sex, and their own charm has improved. When they meet a suitable person, they will both fall in love. However, for women born in the year of the snake, they appear too much when interacting with the opposite sex, which will discourage the opposite sex who likes you, and needs to be corrected.

Married Snake people under the influence of the "Red Luan" star, their lover's life will improve, the family atmosphere will be harmonious and warm, and they will be happy to have children. However, in the fleeting year, the peach blossom luck is too prosperous, the marriage is destroyed by a third party, and the male friend of the zodiac snake is tempted by other opposite sex this year, which may lead to extramarital affairs. If you can't restrain your own desires, it will cause marital turmoil.

If you are in love with a snake, if you are in a superficial relationship with the relationship, the "Red Luan" star will promote the development of your relationship. If the two parties are emotionally involved, then under the influence of the peach blossom star, they are expected to register for marriage or place wine this year, and they may become pregnant before marriage.

Snake people are affected by evil stars this year and are worried. "Gu Chen" means walking alone. They like to walk alone in life and make people shy away from three feet. Therefore, they pile up their worries and feel depressed. People happy uplift things, otherwise negative emotions affect and work.

The entry of the "Heavenly Cry" star means that people born in the year of Snake will have ups and downs and become sentimental. "Heavenly Cry" intruders should also pay attention to their family members, so Snake people should pay attention to the health of the elderly at home this year, communicate more with them, and take them to the hospital for examination and treatment to avoid the deterioration of their condition.

The "death talisman" and "heavenly cry" meet, extremely fierce, as the saying goes: "If you see two stars like fog, you will return to the underworld and be content, and tell you that you have no complaints, because the death talisman cries every day. "Snake people should try to avoid nocturnal walking this year to avoid accidents. In addition, affected by this, snake people will fall and bruise this year. Be careful when going in and out of life, do not climb, pay attention to driving safety, and drunk driving is strictly prohibited. bleed.

Snake people born in the year of Xinsi in 2001 will enter the year of Wuxu in 2018, and the Heavenly Stems and Wutu will give birth to Xinjin, and their fortune will be prosperous. The "Ziwei" and "Longde" in the fleeting years will follow their fate, and their academic fortune will increase. With the help of teachers and teachers in their studies, their efficiency will increase greatly. If they can overcome their emotions, their grades will rise to a higher level. "Red Luan" is on the verge of death, and has a very tight relationship with others, and he needs help from the outside world when he encounters many problems. In terms of emotions, due to popularity, they are favored by the opposite sex, but they should be perceived, and they should not delay their studies due to emotions. However, due to the influence of the "death talisman", if an accident occurs, you should avoid participating in dangerous activities. Exercisers should pay attention to protecting the wrist and ankle joints.

Snake people born in the year of Jisi in 1989 will enter 2018. The year of birth is Tai Sui, and the heavenly stems are related to each other. Therefore, the fortune in the fleeting years, there are auspicious stars to help you in your career, easy to get support from nobles, and work smoothly. Wealth luck is poor, and you have income, but you need to pay attention to the "small consumption" star that will bring you bad luck, and you need to prevent property loss. In terms of love, the "Red Luan" shines, and the snake people have a smooth relationship and live a love life, but they attract peach blossoms outside the wall; singles have more opportunities to recognize various partners, so they may wish to actively pursue them. Nothing serious, just beware of traffic.

Snake people born in the year of Dingsi in 1977 will enter 2018. The heavenly stems in the birth year and the Taisui heavenly stems will form a situation of Dinghuo and Wutu. With the help of noble people, the career will flourish, the partners will make profits, the previous investment projects will start to pay off, and the wealth will accumulate. There is no loss in the relationship between husband and wife, they care about each other and love each other. It's just that you are disturbed by "Guchen" and "Heavenly Cry", and you shed tears. You should pay attention to adjusting your personal emotions and avoid venting your anger on your partner, otherwise your relationship will change. Affected by these two inauspicious stars on the one hand, it hurts the spring and autumn, and the mood is low, leading to insomnia and neurasthenia.

In 1965, Heavenly Stems Yimu, in 2018 Heavenly Stems, Wuearth, because Wood restrains Earth, Snake people born in 65 years will have a fortune in 2018, and their careers will be hindered. Although they are protected by auspicious stars, the power of auspicious stars will block the heavenly stems and restrain the situation, and they will be besieged on all sides at work. In terms of money, if you lose your fortune, in investing, you must always control the risk and take a slant. Families only sometimes need their children to worry about their future and need to adjust their mentality. If the physical condition is not good, the heavenly stems have been restrained for a year, and the body suffers from illnesses, it is necessary to exercise more to prevent serious illnesses from taking advantage of them.

Snake people born in 1953 have Heavenly Stems and Guishui. In 2018, Heavenly Stems and Wutu will form a water-soil phase, and their fortunes will be ups and downs. The sixty-five snake people should retire, and they could have enjoyed their old age comfortably, suffering from "Guchen", "Heavenly Cry", and "Death Talisman". , leading to distress. The "death talisman" will bring criminal injuries, so pay attention to safety in your home life and do not climb. "Small consumption" means that there is a risk of bankruptcy. Do not participate in speculative activities this year, or your deposit will be lost.

Snake people born in 1941 enter 2018, Tai Sui and Heavenly Stems will form a symbiotic relationship, and their fortunes will improve in all aspects. This year, the 77-year-old snake man is really enjoying the good times in his life. "Ziwei, "Longde" and "Longde" help to improve wealth. A hundred times, the family is harmonious, and there are happy events at home. Only affected by the "death talisman" and "heavenly cry", there are signs of injury.

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