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Starring: Tianyu Brothers, Tianyujie—Junjie (acting), Tianyuwen—Liu Zhihong (acting), Tianyuhao—Liu Yilin (acting), Tianyuxun—Luo Tingxin (acting).

Wang Zha combination, Kaiyuan flourishing age.

Keywords: TFBOYS, Forbidden Love Group

Members: Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, Yi Yangqianxi.

Ten years, since then.

Nickname: Three, Patriarch.

Interesting facts: Refer to Guanhai Diary, TFBOYS Taiwan Tour, Boys' College Study Room Season 2.

His own dance strength made up for the shortcomings of the team back then.

Nicknames: Yi Yang, Qian Xi, Qian Qian, Yang Yang, President Qian, Big Brother

One sentence that moved me: how can there be so many people who become famous overnight, but they are made into steel after a hundred times of tempering.

TFBOYS, the first base camp.

Taken from the self-study room of the Boys’ College, Article 10 of the school regulations.

All members of the second monthly exam: hyh, Ding Chengxin, hql, Ao Ziyi, yhx, He Junlin, Chen Sixu, Zhang Zhenyuan, Dai Haolin, Cao Junwei, Pan Zhenglin, Yin Yongzhi.

At this moment, juniors, please be active in the background version of the program.

The company, brothers.

Keywords: typhoon four, typhoon twelve, cold circle, typhoon sweeping the world

Therefore, it belongs to the era of the cold circle.

Since then, the typhoon has replaced the butcher.

Typhoons, typhoons, swept the world.

Members: hyh, Ding Chengxin, hql, Ao Ziyi.

hyh, nickname: Xiaohei, bz

Ding Chengxin, Nicknames: Ding Cheng Xiner, Ding Miaomiao, Brother Ah Cheng, Layers, Old Ding

hql, nickname: 70

Ao Ziyi, nickname: Yi Qiu, Ao Ji, Third Master

Members: hyh, Ding Chengxin, hql, Ao Ziyi, Pan Zhenglin, Chen Sixu.

Pan Zhenglin, nickname: Xiao Pan, Pan Lao

The early TFBAND band is the last member left.

Chen Sixu, nickname: 49, Chen Xiaoming, Mr. Wu

He Junlin, Yin Yongzhi.

This is the Chengdu branch of the TF family, and it is the first time to disclose two trainees.

He Junlin, nickname: 00, Tina He, Linlin Rabbit, Goddess, Teacher He

After Xunmei, the second member of the TF family's women's wear boss.

Yin Yongzhi, nickname: Cherry, Xiaozhi

yhx, Zhang Zhenyuan.

yhx, nickname: cf

Zhang Zhenyuan, nickname: Zhang Gongzi, raise salary, Zhang Fang, Zhang Buyuan

(Note: I am responsible, after hql leaves, it becomes my first responsibility)

What an ordeal we have been through.

Typhoon Twelve, the assembly is complete.

The era of cold circles has begun.

In January 2016, the third monthly exam.

In February 2016, the fourth monthly exam.

In March 2016, the fifth monthly exam.

H Xin's double ace status in the second regiment has started since then.

In April 2016, the sixth monthly exam.

In May 2016, the seventh monthly exam.

Each child, write down the name, is himself.

Yin Yongzhi, eliminated.

In June 2016, the eighth monthly exam.

Cao Junwei and Pan Zhenglin were eliminated.

In July 2016, the ninth monthly exam.

The second group debuted, the first good time.

In August 2016, the tenth monthly exam.

Cao Junwei, revived.

In September 2016, the last monthly exam.

Ding Chengxin, eliminated.

hql, quit the TF family.

Parted ways, never asked again.

It was a joke, and it became a prophecy.

Monthly exam story, broken chapters.

"Green Light" became the last swan song of the four sons of typhoon.

It was he who said the last sentence.

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QQ nickname girls beautiful and cute tfboys with symbols

Boys and girls tfboys screen name

My mobile phone, tablet, and computer watch the live broadcast at the same time.

Little Song Yaxuan from Butcher's collection, airborne debut after "Chasing Dreams".

Typhoon Sanziwu reserved the ql position.

Hip-hop boy, time is too late, everyone ran out one by one and danced cutely.

I remember everything that happened that day.

hyh, yhx.

Typhoon Four, completely disbanded.

There are mountains, south and sea, and rivers and lakes.

Each is his own master, each going his own way.

"115 civil strife, the first cold circle war"

Keyword: SDFJ, I'm running away, you fucking come on.

Rumors spread everywhere, shocking.

The cold circle that day made me shudder.

Lively, and lovingly bubbly.

One by one, after posting these blog posts.

how is it.

Keywords: Wanyan Tuan, Ding Chengxin who grew up overnight

The one who loves to be coquettish, cute, has crooked brows and eyes like a fox, and has a baby voice and Ding Miaomiao.

No one can make him hide behind.

Young spirit, fresh clothes angry horse.

Maybe everyone, don't want to be so sad.

When he was appointed as a defeated army, he was ordered to be in danger.

Members: Ding Chengxin, Ao Ziyi, Zhang Zhenyuan, He Junlin, Song Yaxuan

Song Yaxuan, nickname: , stand up, fat boy, handsome

What an ordeal we have been through.

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Does each child in the TF family have any interesting nicknames?

About TFboys' screen names, screen names related to Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, and Yi Yangqianxi

Ma Jiaqi, Chen Xida, Li Tianze.

Nickname: Little Ma, Teacher Ma

Both civil and military, strength.

One person, out of a large number of trial trainees.

As long as he tries a little bit, we have no chance to know him.

Can't see back then, ignorant, eyes wet like a deer.

Instead, there is an extra layer, allowing me to read the fog.

There are five people in the Wanyan regiment, three in the airborne, one in the helicopter, and Si Xu returns.

There is a group called Typhoon Twelve Sons.

There is a debut combination called Typhoon Sizi.

There is a girl group called Typhoon 21.

There is a double standard called H Xin.

There is a kind of friendship called Q Yi.

There is a kind of twin called X Lin.

Typhoons, typhoons, swept the world.

This is the first time that Ten Sons of Typhoon has recorded a family variety show with all members.

The documentary "2017, Summer" was released.

Typhoon Shizi, after the break-in period.

Boost morale, military spirit.

It saved the cold circle, turbulence and precarious situation at that time.

Family fare, quality homemade drama.

Second life, open.

The TF family trainee, first boarded the base camp.

Brothers, I came to the place where my brothers stood three years ago.

This is among dozens of family performances over the years.

The second group debuted, a good time for the second time.

The twelve sons of the original typhoon, Dai Haolin quit the TF family.

Choose to be the same as the young master and return to life.

His name is Tiantian, and he has been here.

He was elated and beaming.

The peak of the times, if you see this.

Invincible, that's it.

If there are any top-notch domestic entertainment now, Wang Junkai, Wang Yuanyi and Yang Qianxi can have a name. Now their respective kings TFBOYS, do you remember what they looked like when they first debuted? Do you remember who a large number of fans are jealous of? Episode 3 is the exclusive doting on that little girl——He Meiqi has grown up now, and she has grown into an unexpected appearance.

In the early days, when Times Fengjun did not sign the princess Zheng Enxi and the second princess Zhang Yifan, He Meiqi was called Times Fengjun's chosen daughter. Whenever TFBOYS needs the heroine MV, she will be able to see her figure. She has participated in the shooting of two MVs of "Love Departure" and "Magic Castle".

However, He Meiqi may no longer be able to enjoy the cooperation treatment of Wang Yuan, Wang Junkai and Yi Yangqianxi like she did when she was a child. Fans of the long-term love and revenge empire can remember this early love rival, and ran to her to taunt and taunt for a while. Who else can remember that she, the TFBOYS, surrounded the "princess"?

After TFboys became popular, the number of girlfriend fans skyrocketed because of the excessive fighting power of the Empire fans. They basically had no heroines in the later recording of the MV. No one could match He Meiqi's dreamy treatment. After leaving the TFBOYS halo, He Meiqi has no name in the circle. Last year, she was searched once, and there was negative news about her wearing a fake skirt.

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