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Qixi Festival, also known as Qiqiao Festival, Qiqiao Festival or Seven Sisters' Birthday, originated in China and is one of the traditional folk festivals. It is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month and comes from the legend of Cowherd and Weaver Girl.

In fact, Qixi Festival is a colorful traditional festival, which is a festival that girls valued in the past. Ge Hong of the Eastern Jin Dynasty's "Xijing Miscellaneous Notes" records that on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, a girl in the Han Dynasty held a silk thread competition to pierce a pinhole.

Qixi Festival is also called "Qiqiao Festival". Why is it called Qiqiao? On this night, the girls in new clothes begged Vega in the courtyard for wisdom, which was called "Qiqiao". Girls look for Altair and Vega on both sides of the Milky Way, hoping to get or marry a good man, and Vega asks for marriage.

This is the way of begging for cleverness, Han, for posterity. The love story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl is integrated into the Qiqiao Festival, and the folk girls believe it is true, so every seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, during the "Magpie Bridge Meeting" of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, the girls will come to the moonlight before the flowers, look up at the starry sky, and look for the Altair and Vega on both sides of the Milky Way. When they meet once a year, they beg God to let them be as ingenious as Weaver Girl, and pray that they can have a happy and happy marriage.

In the old custom, a few days before Qixi Festival, a layer of soil was spread on a small wooden board, and corn seeds were sown on it to make it grow green and tender seedlings, and some small thatched huts, flowers and trees were placed on top of it to make it look like a farmer's village, which is called "shell board", or Mung beans, adzuki beans, and wheat are soaked in a bowl, and they germinate, and then tied into a bunch with red and blue silk ropes, which are called "seeds", "five-life pots" or "raw flower pots". All parts of the south are called "paoqiao", and the bean sprouts that grow are called Qiaoya. Wax sculptures of various images, such as the characters in the stories of Cowherd and Weaver Girl, or vultures and mandarin ducks, are floated on the water, which is called "floating on water". There are also wax baby dolls, which women buy and float in the water and soil, thinking that they are suitable for children, and they are called "Huasheng".

Qixi Festival food, Qiaoguo is famous. Qiaoguo, also known as "Qiqiaoguo", has many styles. The main material is oil surface molasses. In "Tokyo Menghualu", "Xiao Yaner" and "Fruit Food Pattern" have patterns such as Naxiang and Fangsheng. In the Song Dynasty, Qixi Qiaoguo was already sold on the streets.

If you buy a catty of Qiaoguo, there will be a pair of them wearing battle armor, such as door god dolls, known as the "Fruit Eater General". The method of Qiaoguo is: put sugar in a pot and melt it into syrup, then mix it with flour and sesame seeds, mix well, spread it on the table and thin it out, let it cool down, cut it into long squares, fold it into a shuttle-shaped Qiaoguo, put it into Deep fried until golden. Serve. A dexterous woman who can knead and shape various patterns related to the legend of Qixi Festival. In addition, when begging for cleverness, there are many changes in using melons and fruits. Or melons and fruits are carved into exotic flowers and birds, or the surface of the melon skin is embossed, which is called "flower melon".

Shouting gnats in the grass, startled the sycamore trees falling, worrying the world and the sky.

The clouds are on the moon and the earth, and there are thousands of locks.

Floating Cha to come, Floating Cha to go, meet each other.

The star bridge magpies, seeing each other for years, want to leave love and hate.

Altair and Weaver Girl are Lizhong.

Very sunny, suddenly rainy, suddenly windy.

Silver candles and autumn light are coldly painted on the screen, fans fluttering with fireflies.

The sky is as cool as water at night, sit and watch Altair Vega.

The clouds and the moon and the earth pass by each other, and there are many years of hatred.

I hate the car washing rain in the Ming Dynasty, and I don’t teach you to cross the Tianhe with your feet.

When I think of the loving couples on the screen today, the air is full of flavor. Many friends may have the urge to drop their phones!

The single dog received a critical hit of one million points, did you know that the traditional meaning of Qixi Festival is not Valentine's Day?

When mentioning Qixi Festival, many people immediately think of the love legend of Cowherd and Weaver Girl. Qixi Festival is now called "Chinese Valentine's Day", which is mostly due to business promotion.

The reason why the festival exists is to convey the cultural connotation and spiritual core of this day. If during the festival, the spiritual purpose and cultural traditions carried by the festival are completely lost, then the original meaning of "festival" and the national characteristics of "festival" will be lost.

Qixi Festival, also known as Qiqiao Festival, Qiqiao Festival or Seven Sisters' Birthday, originated in China. It is a traditional festival in Chinese areas and some East Asian countries influenced by Han culture. The Qiqiao Festival is a women's festival, and Zhinu is regarded as the goddess of weaving. On the seventh night of the seventh month, she begs for wisdom and skill, and inevitably asks for marriage. On May 20, 2006, the State Council of the People's Republic of China on Qixi Festival was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists.

Those who are begging for skill through needles may wear seven holes or nine holes, and a colored thread will pass through the needle.

Soak mung beans, adzuki beans, and wheat in a bowl, wait for them to germinate for a few inches, and then tie them into a bunch with red and blue silk ropes, also known as "five-life pots" or "raw flower pots".

Children's plaything for the folk Qixi Festival in the old days, with half-armed dresses and lotus leaf-shaped hands. At the beginning, it was made of clay puppets, and later it was made of ivory or gold, jade and precious stones.

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The source word "Qixi"

Ancient couples do not send flowers on Qixi Festival. The key ceremony is threading needles

Girls and young women hold this ceremony, fast for one day, stop taking a bath, set up a melon and fruit incense burner at the organizer's home, and pray for the month.

It is said that Kuixing is in charge of exam luck and was born on July 7th, so scholars will worship Kuixing on this day, wishing to "win the championship".

Sima Yi dried books at home on July 7th. "Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove" Ruan Xian's neighbors drying clothes on Qixi Festival, which shows the prosperity of the atmosphere.

Children will pick wild flowers on the day of Qixi Festival and hang them on the horns of the cow, which is called "Congratulations on the birthday of the cow" (it is said that Qixi Festival is the birthday of the cow).

Qiaoguo, also known as "Qiqiaoguo", has many styles, and the main material is oily molasses. Melons and fruits are carved into various patterns, namely "flower melons".

The folks often call it "worship to the Seventh Sister", and organize everyone to gather in the clan hall, set up various incense tables, and offer sacrifices to the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. The table is full of flowers and fruits, rouge powder, small paper flower clothes, shoes, embroidery, and so on. The area's "Seven Sisters Club" incense cases work hard to compete and see who makes them. The incense table is prepared on the seventh day of the seventh month, and the Weaver Girl begins to beg for cleverness in the evening.

The School of Journalism and Communication allows new students to paste stickers on their hometowns on the map when they welcome new students. New students can put them in professional boxes and write postcards in their mailboxes.

The School of Life Sciences welcomes freshmen to place a postgraduate entrance examination honor roll to encourage freshmen to study hard. And freshmen take photos with their admission notices.

The School of History, Culture and Tourism placed a map on site, and freshmen can put pushpins on their hometowns.

The parents of the freshmen at the welcome site of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering have prepared a rest area, which is provided by the parents when the freshmen pay the fees.

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Isn't Qixi Festival Valentine's Day? The ancients explained it this way…

Behind the Qixi Festival is not just "talking about love"

The School of Art showed off its finished costumes when welcoming new students, and there was also a wonderful cheerleading performance.

The constitution book produced by the law school was placed on the welcome site, and the freshmen presented their school preparation badges and bracelets.

The school organizes volunteers to perform their duties during the orientation. Among them, volunteers from the Youth League Committee wear blue vests with the League Emblem printed on them, serving freshmen in the school.

According to the survey, 70.3% of the respondents indicated that they had plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day; the remaining 29.7% celebrated it, 16% were “cold treatment, celebrating Valentine’s Day”, and 13.7% belonged to “two people separated from two places or had to work that day”. , can't celebrate Valentine's Day". Planned celebrations: 66.5% had a big meal, 55.6% gave gifts, flowers, love letters or cards, 34.5% watched movies, and went to HOTEL to celebrate, watch night scenes, visit night markets, go shopping and arrange travel, Ready to propose. The survey shows that the planned budget is 4480 yuan (NT dollars, the same below).

The survey found that some office workers are looking forward to receiving gifts on Chinese Valentine's Day. Men want to receive Valentine's Day gifts this year: crafting gifts, travel, smartphones, love letters and tablets. Hope to receive gift bouquets, dolls, cash or red envelopes, diamond rings, gold ornaments.

According to the survey, when male office workers choose, the main considerations are:,, personality, appearance, EQ. When female office workers choose, the main considerations are: a sense of responsibility, a considerate personality, work, and self-motivated.

Ideal careers for male office workers: civil servants, administrative staff, teachers, financial professionals, entertainer models, medical staff, business sales staff, catering and tourism service staff, aviation staff, and public relations marketing staff. For female office workers, the ideal occupations are: technical information engineers, financial professionals, civil servants, teachers, medical staff, administrators, art designers, legal staff lawyers, aviation staff and business sales staff.

Yang Zongbin said that although everyone has an ideal image in terms of work and personality, in actual life, the integration of each other's personalities and values ​​is one of the keys to deciding whether to go on.

At present, unmarried female office workers can look forward to a monthly salary of 51,582 yuan for their "future husband", which is 1.3 times the "official regular salary" of 39,733 yuan. Ask the current unmarried male office workers, expecting a monthly salary of "future wife", which can be 39,463 yuan.

Yang Zongbin interpreted that if the above two averages were added together, the total would be 91,045 yuan. It is speculated that unmarried people form an ideal double-income family. The monthly income should exceed 90,000 yuan, which represents the annual income of the couple. The total should reach one million. If you live in an urban area, you must also raise children, raise a house, be filial to your relatives, and prepare for retirement. Gold, this salary level is enough.

Yang Zongbin is not without worry: If the environment of low wages and frozen wages continues, although the ideal image is constructed in the mind, the economic pressure will cause young office workers to succumb to the reality, and in the future they may "marry late" or "do not marry and have children" .

Men and women in the workplace are looking for love, and office romance is still a "shortcut". Survey shows: 46.4% have talked about office romance. Overall, 70.2% of office workers are in favor of office romances. The main reasons for the germination of feelings are: "Getting along day and night, long-term love", "understanding and caring about the other person's work situation", "similar chat topics", "appreciating the other party's work ability" and "working, unable to know people outside the office".

If an office romance occurs, "will take the initiative to disclose", accounting for 20.4%, obviously 80% choose to keep a low profile;

How do companies view the "workplace love song"? According to the survey, 32.5% of the companies said that they did not expressly prohibit office romances, but their stance favored encouragement; another 7.7% of the companies revealed that "there are expressly regulated prohibitions", the ratio is 1 for every 13 companies.

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