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In April, you need to do what the Brits say – hold on, keep going. A rhythm novel this month has lots and lots of twists and turns, and by the end of the month, things will be moving in the right direction. Scorpio, please firmly believe in your abilities!

At the beginning of the month, you seem to be working on a project where someone masters new territory, and you play the role of pathfinder. You'll act as a project leader who can accurately define an entrepreneurial opportunity and, if so, bring change to your team. This exciting job opportunity for you came from the new moon in Aries, 6 degrees, on the 27th of last month.

Uranus is in your sixth house, so this work project may be exciting, moving, past, stimulating, something may be nerve-wracking, but accept it anyway, you have no other choice. The icing on the cake is that you work hard to get paid, so it's worth your all, while doing research in the field will give you a lot.

Last month, the full moon on March 27 and April, Mars and Neptune, because Mars rules the new moon in Aries and Scorpio, so Mars plays a dominant and strengthening role. (Remember: this is the moment to discuss the new moon in Aries). Mars and Neptune fuel your potential, allowing you to contribute imaginative and original ideas. Silence your inner critic, don't let it get to your lap, don't judge, just do it.

Because Neptune is the guardian of the arts, your entrepreneurial endeavors may involve music, art, dance, costume design, set design, film, photography, and other art forms. You might do mobile app or game development, or artificial intelligence development, all of these areas, your creativity plays a role.

On April 5, with Mars and Pluto ideally positioned, you will have good luck, and because these are your two rulers, you will feel the cosmic force yourself despite work-related stress everywhere.

I should inform you that Mercury retrograde is coming, April 9th ​​to May 3rd. Mercury visits Taurus and retrogrades back into Aries. You see the delay hit hardest is finalizing. You may experience delays in applying for the funds you need, or if you are a freelancer, getting your money. I say this because your seventh and eighth houses are lit, and they rule collaborators and other people's money.

Don't be put off by various delays this month, as they will benefit you. Be grateful for how much time you have to think about when you are ready to take action. Mercury rules, communication, negotiation, speaking, writing, editing (publishing and film), software development, telecommunications, travel, shipping, mail (post office, text and email) and courier companies (eg FedEx, UPS), couriers. Computer programming (which you might do this month) is ruled by Mercury.

On April 2, Mars and Saturn in Capricorn meet, which is a classic example of a fall that damages bones (knees) and teeth. Short trips have this in your third house, so it's a good idea to have your car serviced before you head out on a trip. Check hotel accommodations and flight schedules, verify all addresses are, and get detailed driving instructions. Don't rely too much on GPS. Last minute confirmation of all meeting arrangements.

We tend to focus on the retrograde positions of the planets close to Earth, and the so-called personal planets are Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Mars status, but as you see, Mercury retrograde, Venus retrograde.

Venus has been retrograde since March 5th and will remain retrograde in your sign until April 15th. You may see some kind of stagnation and regression, such as a relationship, or a pregnancy or child-related plans. this is only. Things will begin after Venus ends her retrograde motion on April 15th, and Venus will regain her energy and will be fully restored by May 18th.

At the new moon, April 26, you may reveal a secret you hold, or hear from someone else. A full moon in this house will give you intuition, your night vision, and protect you. Listen to your gut.

However, you may not be able to start dating until then, but you wait until the Mercury retrograde is over, and it takes a few extra days for Mercury to recover its energy, and then start dating. If you're getting engaged, it's a life event, and if it were me, I'd wait until love planet Venus turns – wait, it's not until May, after May 18. Venus rules everything in your life—jewelry, flowers, perfume, spa treatments, parties, wine and champagne. Throw a party or charity event now, as Venus sleeps and she powers. In any case, don't undergo plastic surgery or experimental dermatological treatments, or drastically change your hairstyle or color. If you want to buy a wig, wait until May.

This month brings you a variety of feeling moments with the full moon, April 10, in your twelfth house, at 22° Libra. The full moon gives gifts, luck and ambassador Jupiter arrives together, illuminating your house of secrets and behind-the-scenes activities.

At the new moon, April 26, you may reveal a secret you hold, or hear from someone else. A Full Moon in this house gives you intuition, your night vision, so follow your inner whisper, for your instincts will be there to protect you. Follow your intuition, even though some feelings are unexplainable.

If you deal with medical personnel or dentists (could be yourself, or someone you love), the care is top notch. Jupiter will hold the full moon hand in hand, and Jupiter is the planet of healing that sometimes grants miracles. The twelfth house restricts associations—hospitals, rehab centers, physical therapy centers, and other rehabilitation and institutions. This same part of the chart rules the subconscious mind, so if your therapist discusses certain issues, there is a chance for a breakthrough at this time.

At the same time as the new moon occurs, a work project that needs to be completed may spiral out of control at the last moment. With Uranus in conjunction with the Sun, sudden changes can occur that derail a project—either a talented and essential colleague suddenly announces his departure at a critical moment, or a client asks for a large number of changes to complete the task and turn in one direction. Uranus is a planet of change with storms. You can't see the change and don't figure it out after the fact. The Sun rules your professional status, which has to do with your reputation. Things could go either way, so things might be replaced by promotions or awards.

Related, you are concerned about what happens to your partner this month, as Mars is in your engagement/marriage/commitment sector for three weeks, last month until April 21. When Mars moves through a house, feelings and disagreements are sometimes talked about, so Mars can relate and make sure things don't go their way. If something is going to come up, you have every reason to keep it because you have the opportunity to bridge the gaps and make sure your alliance can stand the test of time.

The April 26 new moon will appear in Taurus, 6°, in your partnership sector, including marriage and business partnerships. You may now feel close to tying the knot or signing an official business. This new moon is – Neptune, the planet of unconditional creativity, and Saturn, will help you create a foundation from which to pass their gifts on to you.

If your birthday falls within five days of October 30, you will enjoy this new moon. This is true if you have a 7° Scorpio Ascendant, or a 7° Moon in Scorpio, or a Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn ruler, plus or minus 7°.

If you are single, Venus in Pisces is the ideal place for you. You may want to salvage a relationship that was shattered by Venus retrograde – just wait and see. If you're not dating, I don't think it's time to start a relationship when Venus is in the energies (such as now). Wait until May — you’ll have plenty of opportunities, though.

The full moon enters Scorpio on April 29, and you will have your moment of the month at the end of the month. We can discuss it, and let me save the good news for last. There are tricky planets in the beginning and middle of the month, but these planets will start to be like lambs by the end of the month and bring you positive experiences. Keep the faith, Scorpio.

The month begins with a Full Moon in Libra, which occurred on the last day of last month, March 31. The full moon will affect you for four days, so as you enter April, you may feel the need to rest. The full moon Saturn in Libra forms an angle to Mars in Aries. With a crowded 3rd house, you may feel overworked, or run from job to job to please every human being, pressure from clients or superiors, and pressure from home. You want to, but you continue to face obstacles in the first half of April, and you need to mobilize your creativity to make things go your way.

You may encounter a client's change of mind and make a final change when the business is closed. Or, if there is any behind-the-scenes political intrigue at the office, or if someone you have withheld information from, the full moon will reveal the truth publicly so you can see what happened, deal with it, and protect yourself.

In terms of work, your many creative ideas will be sought after and recognized and funded. You hit the mark, so don't be shy about presenting your ideas to executives and clients. Your chart suggests that your favorite concept has solid earning potential. Saturn and Uranus are in a state, which is a rare situation, you will not encounter it twice in this life, and they will be connected to your current work projects and recent professional activities. Your reputation for excellence will grow. Brainstorm on November 25th, because if you do, ideas have the power to make you famous.

Mercury is retrograde for the first half of the month, a trend that began on March 22 and lasts until April 15. This time around, Mercury is retrograde in your sixth house of work projects, so something involving a project is likely to go off the rails and require your attention. You may find that customers are indecisive or fickle, even if this behavior is not characteristic of your customers. Or, you may not have been promised your project. Or, you schedule a job and the client says they want an exact same perspective design. Ah, it's all part of Mercury retrograde.

Don't buy any electronics while Mercury is retrograde, as Mercury controls the gears and electrical impulses in these products. Either the electronics don't work, or you buy and feel like you made the wrong choice. Wait until April 23 to buy what you need, as this is a good day to buy electronics.

April 23 is the perfect time to sign, as your ruler Mars, the planet of action and competition, has a golden signal to Jupiter, the good fortune planet that brings money. In fact, Mars conjunct Jupiter means money. (Mercury turns direct April 15, so you can make strong competitive moves on April 23.)

April 23rd is a time to get a permanent job, but if you want the paycheck and need the job (we've been through that), take it while Mercury is retrograde – if your job isn't ideal, you can switch later Work. If you hired your boss' acquaintance in the past, you would take the job—you're not starting a relationship, you're extending the previous one. Mercury will not you.

Mercury retrograde is in your sixth house, which governs your handling of work projects. It governs other things – you and, and you improve the steps you take. If your medical test results somehow meet your requirements, please test. Obtaining a diagnosis is sometimes difficult because labs make mistakes, or samples sit on the counter for too long.

The April 15 new moon in your sixth house may bring an entrepreneurial project to approval. The new moon in Aries at 26 degrees conjuncts Uranus, making it volatile and unpredictable, but on the other hand, highly creative and fresh – no one (or very few) have any experience, and you act. You are on a path, artificial intelligence or other high-tech fields, and you will be proud because you are the first person to choose a field to learn and grow. Your sixth house of work and work will have the Sun, new moon, Uranus, and Mercury, so it's easy for your brain to complete work plans mid-month.

If you feel that office life has become a little bit, so be it. No matter what obstacles you encounter, no matter what unpredictable things happen, remember that new moons form six-month trends, so this is a period of time. Things will take time to calm down. If you work in sales, marketing, public relations, travel, telecommunications, or related communications, you rely on your resourcefulness to overcome obstacles that arise.

Yes, Venus in your seventh house of marriage and business partnerships – you can find a solution that will benefit both parties if you take the time to sift through the facts. Look at other people's motivations and their domain, this will give you a clue as to which way to go.

You're eager to close a deal, but after this new moon, a requester will surprise you with a client's request. Everyone of each sign will encounter several obstacles this month, don't feel that way.

You do have an ace in your pocket with Jupiter, the planet of gifts and luck, angled to Pluto all month. (Pluto and Jupiter move, Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the sun, Pluto takes 248 years to make the journey.) Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, so Pluto and Jupiter work together, these two planets profit linked, this is a sign that shows Your luck is improving.

So far, Jupiter and Pluto are communicating. , Jupiter and Pluto align on January 15, and then on April 14 this month. Finally, the two planets met on September 12 this year. Your fortunes are supported mid-September, and more these weeks, as there will be embers in part of these two planets. Pluto and Jupiter are known for the stock market.

Are you looking to move or renovate? Or, do you need an ideal piece of furniture to make your living room dreamy? Shop around on April 18, when Uranus, the planet of authority, cooperates with the Sun. Opportunities will come. If you need an apartment or house, the call you get today could be the one you've been waiting for – and you might be excited about what you've found.

Now let's talk about the lovely full moon I mentioned in my report, which will reach 10 degrees Scorpio on April 29. You get a full moon once a year in your sign, so this full moon will bring you something within four days of its appearance. The other full moon and new moon this month is that it, with its rock-solid, comforting results, will have an impact.

If your full moon, April 29, grants important documents to be signed, and your lawyer says you're ready to sign, you can. Towards the end of the month, Mercury stations direct, April 15, so there will be delays in all areas of your life.

If your birthday falls on November 1, plus or minus four days, you will feel the impact of this new moon and love its impact. (I can't see your entire chart because each sign is unique, but I angle, situation!), if you have a Scorpio Ascendant 9 degrees, or were born with a Moon in Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer at 9 degrees, within plus or minus four degrees ,effective.

Now let's discuss love life. The last three days of this month are full of stuff. Jupiter in Scorpio forms a trine (ideal) to Neptune in Pisces in your first house of personality and appearance. Neptune, the planet that rules unconditional love, is in your house (fifth house). Jupiter and Neptune are mobile planets, so you will feel this glow in the second half, and you need to have numbers to get it all.

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Susan Miller April 2017 Scorpio Horoscope (Full Version)

Susan Miller's April 2017 Horoscope Full Version 【Late Monthly Fortune】

This is a lyrical, poetic phenomenon, Jupiter-Neptune you communicate. A Neptune-Jupiter alignment could lead to a first date – Cupid, the god of love, will visit you. The ancients always wrote that when Jupiter is in your own house, you find the sign. You are Cupid, Scorpio.

Jupiter began touring Scorpio last October 10, 2017, so some readers may have encountered their only one. As you can see, Jupiter spends a year touring the sign and will not return to Scorpio for twelve years. You did not find love to grasp. Neptune is in your position!

If you have a partner, you will love and have an unforgettable vacation. Venus is now in your marriage/partnership sector until April 24, making you silky. Venus brings many influences to other planets, so let's look at those days.

Venus and Saturn join forces in a way on Saturday, April 7, a day when promises are made and those who make them keep their promises.

Put a star on your calendar on Thursday, April 12, when Venus and Neptune dance a glamorous love dance. Charm this day, and you'll be wrapped in a piece of beautiful fairy dust.

Sometimes we feel confused in our lives, or find ourselves always stuck in the circle of problems. Looking back at the time of your life, you will see the answers to the questions behind you.

[Susan Miller] Horoscope for November 2017, the unique day debuts in November, grasp the astrological opportunity and become the master of yourself!

A full moon in Scorpio on November 3 may involve short trips. Probably out of tolerance, and if so, this is a good time to sell your idea, because you may come back with a full order. Neptune does the trick, for example by making your creativity flow. Pluto will be angry with your presence, so even though you are traveling on business, you can visit relatives and friends at the same time. When Jupiter is with the sun, there will always be money and wealth, and you are sitting on this advantage this month, and when Pluto is unwilling to show his talents, Pisces are expected to get it.

This house rules writing, speaking, and communication, so wrap up a communication project around November 3. You have business in this zone, so express yourself skillfully and earn. If you think you would benefit from taking a creative writing course, go for it, because completing it will give you a boost of confidence. If you work, such as a professional writer, Neptune will help you write like a god.

Highlight November 13, when Venus and Jupiter will conjoin, which is an annual event. These two representative and good fortune planets meet once a year in the zodiac, but the last time they met in Scorpio was 12 years ago. This day is used to revise manuscripts, give speeches, speeches, referees, business trips, start promotional/advertising plans, do media interviews, and you may receive good news calls, text messages, emails or express mails on this day. Pisces has recently raised expenses, but on November 13, you will receive paid work, so don't be shy when talking about money. This is a rare five-star day.

The big astrological event in November is the new moon in Scorpio on the 8th. Last month, Jupiter entered Scorpio, which was last visited in 2006, and this is your Sun-Pisces relationship, your ninth house of Pisces. This month, you will have good luck in traveling abroad and international relations, and various blessings related to foreign countries will come one after another. Word-of-mouth in the media – including publishing and broadcasting – and school-related matters go well, whether you’re a student or a teacher/professor. The direction of legal affairs, academic efforts will not be in vain.

The ninth house is generally associated with "intelligence" and you are entering an increasingly expansive, stimulating period of transformation – looking back and comparing the present, you will find yourself judging everything from that perspective. Now you, seeing things in full and in depth, this is you.

In terms of relationships, long-distance travel is expected to meet love; the probability of campus romance. On November 25th, you may want to throw a party at home, invite guests to bring some like-minded people – chatting is very possible – Cupid is listening to your heart, always ready to shoot the arrow of love.

You should love November. The universe we devise a plan, this month such timing. The planets shine brightly in the corner of the sky, and this corner is about lovers, excitement, and fun with friends.

The social scene kicks off this month, and you'll be surrounded by a full moon in sensual Taurus on November 3-4. The guests are dressed up and present, and the food and wine are tasteful. The fragrance of flowers wafts through the air, creating a heavenly ambience for beauty lovers. This is an all-out Taurus Full Moon. Neptune plays the role of adding magic and charm. Pluto is involved, suggesting that the people present are the ones who inspire you to think about success. A Jupiter-Venus contact means you may meet a crush that lingers on your mind after an event.

In terms of love this month, you will always appear after the new moon in Scorpio on November 18, which is the only new moon in your fifth house of true love this year. This time point will start to be pushed back ten days, and in the next few months, there should be good news in your emotional life. The fifth house rules motherhood, so this is an ideal month for those expecting to conceive while trying to conceive. If you need help from a fertility doctor, and you know the background and trust your doctor to ask for help, don't.

In terms of work, your many creative ideas will be sought after and recognized and funded. You hit the mark, so don't be shy about presenting your ideas to executives and clients. Your chart suggests that your favorite concept has solid earning potential. Saturn and Uranus are in a state, which is a rare situation, you will not encounter it twice in this life, and they will be connected to your current work projects and recent professional activities. Your reputation for excellence will grow. Brainstorm on November 25th, because if you do, ideas have the power to make you famous.

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Susan Miller April 2018 Scorpio Horoscope

[Susan Miller Constellation Column] 2017 Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

During this month, you will be busy with family-related matters, or host guests at home. Venus is in this house, so your design choices should please you. Decorate your home, Cancer, and let love come in.

Sometimes, everything falls into place, and you have one such month as November. Because last month, good-fortune Jupiter entered Scorpio for the first time in 12 years, igniting the year for you. The month begins with a very strong Jupiter Sun, and at the same time, a positive full moon occurs on November 3.

This full moon is opposite your sign in Taurus, so you may be getting engaged or married this weekend. If you get married, you will have a memory and experience with your partner. This milestone event may be your birthday. Your partner may receive news about your birthday, bringing your love closer.

Sometimes we feel confused in our lives, or find ourselves always stuck in the circle of problems. Looking back at the time of your life, you will see the answers to the questions behind you.

Susan Miller's March water sign horoscope, challenges come one after another, become the cornerstone of the future, continue to work hard and move forward in the future!

This month ushers in the last eclipse on the fish axis. Virgo-Axial Eclipse Series in Pisces In March 2015, the last axial eclipse in Pisces occurred on the new moon solar eclipse on February 26. The effect of this eclipse lasts throughout March and is the second half of the year. All Pisces can see opportunities arise, but those born on February 26 plus or minus 5 days feel – if I say you, your life will completely change. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is traveling at a distance from the eclipse, which means that something will happen this month that touches you deeply, and it may be a creative project.

On March 12, a Full Moon in Virgo in your sign will come into focus. This full moon urges a decision in your emotional partner or business ally. When two auspicious planets transit each other's rulers, it often brings favorable conditions. Venus rules Taurus and is currently in Aries; Mars rules Aries and is currently in Taurus. These two planets seem to always support each other's best friend or lover unconditionally. Travel in Italy from March 12th to May 20th, when Mars is in Taurus. Might revisit old places.

Venus is retrograde from March 4th to April 15th and will return to normal until May 18th. Venus rules the two houses of Pisces: the house of other people's money and the house of contracts. The Venus retrograde period is slowing down in the fields covered by these two houses. The profit is reduced and communication is required, so you have to wait until the end of May to sign, not the end of May.

Mercury is retrograde from April 9th ​​to May 3rd, and Mercury rules the Sun sign of Pisces, your house of partnerships. The advice is the same every time Mercury is retrograde: Do not try new things—cooperation and romance.

Venus rules the love of appearance, and arrangements such as engagements, parties, or plastic surgery avoid the Venus retrograde period. It's okay to follow the established wedding date, and don't do plastic surgery or skin or skin whitening treatments. The Venus retrograde period may cause delays in crediting, so remind the other party in time and don't patronize face.

News from heaven is always mixed, and the new moon in Aries on March 27 and the next 10 days are days in 2017 when you'll witness such a good thing as a raise or compensation. The new moon will be strongly supported by Pluto, which means a friend will introduce you to a wealthy opportunity or help you secure much-needed funds.

However, Saturn is in negative aspect this new moon, which means that although opportunities are profitable at this time of the month, they will require sacrifice. , the work you do now may test your talents and potentials-so think of it. The effort to adapt to the role may make you feel that the gain is not worth the loss, even if it is paid. Sometimes there is such an illusion that it is a Venus retrograde period, and the rewards always work, but it will come.

You get involved in the work (you have to accept this job), not only will you learn a lot, but you will build your reputation on a new platform. After you achieve success in this job, you will strive for more and have challenging tasks, so firmly believe that this job is worth your time.

As you enter March, you are planning a long trip, either for work or pleasure. March emphasizes people and events abroad, so it looks like you'll either fly to a place away from home, or plan to have such a trip. You're good for a long trip, if it's near water or near snow, since many planets will be in Pisces, the sign that rules those places. If you can't travel, you'll be able to devote yourself to an international project that you enjoy, and you can do similar collaborations by email and phone without leaving home. Your endeavours, this month, could involve publishing or dissemination – if so, it's in your favor.

If you need to deal with an immigration matter, whether it is a visa, green card, passport or citizenship, you will have enough support in early March, because no, arrange it.

There have been unexpected events in your career in recent years, but most recently, after the new moon solar eclipse on the 26th of last month. If your birthday falls in June, and last month's solar eclipse was influential, sudden news may be what you crave. If you are sure these messages are beneficial to you, time them. You'll find yourself in late February and March. Mars is continuing its journey in your tenth house of career and fame, and this Mars transit cycle suggests that this is one of the best times in two years to make impressive progress in your career. Mars is in your tenth house throughout February and the first eight days of March, after which Mars leaves this house. Take action in early March, before you lose the energy of Mars.

Travel will be on the agenda near the full moon, March 12, but this time it looks like a short trip closer to home. This excursion is work-related. Saturn will be in aspect to the full moon and Mercury, so be prepared – this trip will ask you to accomplish a goal that may stress you out. However, Virgo is a sign that aligns with you, so you have the head of things you want done in the direction you want to go. Partners will help you.

You'll get exciting news about your company's status, and you'll hear about it after March 27. You can be very creative in your approach to work, and it will take you down a new path. In this field, everything is fascinating and will bring you experiences that you are lucky to have. You are under pressure because of the influence of Pluto. Your partner or collaborator may be, or you need to compete for a position among a large group of strong candidates. Don't underestimate them – some will go to great lengths to get that one you covet. Prepare carefully for each interview, preparing impressive presentations and presentations of evidence that you are a thinker and leader.

Venus will go retrograde on March 4th until April 15th, and will not regain speed until May 18th. Venus rules your fourth house of home and home, so if you're buying, selling, or renting a home, you do need to be careful—Venus doesn't, and might actually hinder your progress. For example, you need to hire a seasoned expert to spot things that sellers aren't telling you. That deal wasn't made until May 18 (with Venus retrograde coming, Mercury retrograde, April 9-May 3), so there are plenty of reasons to put off your real estate deal.

After so much travel and career focus this month, you crave time for fun, and you will! Mars will enter Taurus after March 9th and stay there until April 21st. You haven't enjoyed Mars in your eleventh house of friends, fun, and people in two years, so this experience will be very new and lovely. Your social life will bring you a little bit in March. On March 27, Mars will join hands with Neptune, bringing all kinds of exciting experiences related to travel. Go see distant friends, or travel with friends, to a place that sparks your imagination.

March looks great in love. You start the month with four planets in your fifth house of romance: Neptune (), Mercury (news, travel), the Sun (authority), and the new moon (opportunity). Yes, a new moon solar eclipse occurs a few days before the start of March, February 26, trying to bring all the experiences to you. Neptune will be close in on the path of the eclipse, which is a fascinating shock, so do what you can to keep your feet on the ground, or this suffocating shock will swallow you up.

The solar eclipse will open a channel, and this channel will not only allow you to find love, but also bring more benefits to the marriage status of Scorpio. The eclipse may lead to conversations about having children, or finding ways to care for existing children. For example, you might want the child to take a music lesson or, if that's enough, pay him to go to camp.

If you are in a creative field, or take your creativity seriously, a project may blossom now. If you were born in October, you will, possibly, be magical and charming this month. All Scorpios will benefit, but actions taken in the first week of March will set the pace for the next few months. If you're single, go around.

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